He was a dumbshit. Dennis was. She probably should have known something was wrong when he tried to sell school property he and some buddies stole one night in drunken vandalism of Freeburg high school (in a small town students of a school measuring more than a hundred would mean not everybody knew everybody but this was a school of under a hundred) and their mascot name was the midgets he was an alumni of a few years back but trying to sell back computers and audio visual equipment to people who worked for the school is pretty stupid. She rode with him to the community park off of Apple Street in his lime green Monte Carlo where the deal was supposed to go down under the picnic pavilions, but she lingered at the car with her Marlboro Lights 100s and told him he should do the same. Stupid fucker still walked right into the police bust. The Monte Carlo stayed at the park. She walked home.

If a teenage girl wants to sneak out at night she can. Her father waited one time in her bedroom with a shotgun as she came back in through the window, but he knew that wouldn’t deter her so he let it go. Working as a waitress at Denny’s most of it was harmless. There was the boy she took her to older sister’s house. He came in his pants as soon as she showed him her boobs. Skipping school to visit Dennis was different. In Belleville there was an underground studio off Main Street where young girls from local small towns were enticed to do pornos. Dennis was gonna sell some of the equipment to the men who ran the studio. He asked her to go. Her father taught her enough to say no, but then he did the stupid deal in the Freeburg community park.

He had given her a ring. She wasn’t sure where he got it, but she wore it. At least until she drove with her father to the St. Clair County jail to bail him out. She pawned the ring for money. Her father spoke to Dennis by his Ford F150 then got in. Dennis told her he had to leave town. She bawled like a bitch then drove home with her father.

If you don’t think women are stalkers way more than men you need to learn a thing or two. Dennis went on a drinking binge at the VFW (he’d enlisted in the Army out of high school saw no combat stuck in logistics and as soon as his tour was up at Fort Campbell and Fort Leonard Wood he migrated back home for outside of the Army he had never been outside of Southern Illinois) and after another arrest of public inebriation he got carted off to Jefferson Barracks and since they were full he ended up in Alton. Faith’s girlfriend (she was fucking her older brother Faith hated how all the girls she brought home would fuck her brother she even tried to get physical once more out of frustration with her girlfriends than because she was mad at her brother and in playful sibling wrestling her brother just beat the shit out of her and fucked her girlfriend anyway) her name was Nicole and they jabbered and smoked cigarettes all the way up to Alton.

The false name was fine. But the fake social security would work only a few days before she was found out and asked to leave. The admitting MD didn’t know that, but she did. Like the subtext which goes on all around us all the time wherever you go where someone can look you in the eye and talk she had to play the game with this guy with his slipping argyle socks and fucking McDonald’s caramel frappe, but all she could think about was tying the motherfucker up to his bedpost after lights out in this place…