There was a scattering of storms the brief respite they were witnessing today joked about promising of the next front. She was wearing a robe over her pajamas and asked if she looked like her mother. He said yes as she sat in his lap. He felt an insistence to change the subject though follow the same line of reasoning without really thinking about it. He found that was served best by not using logic for that only led to death and he wanted to reveal her feelings. Her sister thought it was about justice but that was handled by a scale the person holding it can’t see. Maybe the passing storms outside would help distract them from that distract them from what they wanted so they could find what they needed. What he needed in them.

Why don’t we get some fresh air?

Their feet danced over the puddles by his back door. Her sister saw it was raining on the tin roof of his patio and didn’t stay outside long, but he lingered with her just a moment longer just long enough for them both to see it. To him it almost looked like the linked hyphae of fungi in the sky illuminated under a microscope. She turned to him her eyes bright.

Did you see it?

Ya I saw it.

He waited for a moment but it didn’t happen so he said to her:

You see the light before you hear the sound. Light travels faster than sound. You can even count the seconds and calculate how far away it is.

She asked him to hold her up like maybe that would bring her closer to it, but it still took quite some time before they heard the thunder. And he knew why he cried sometimes. It wasn’t sadness. It wasn’t joy. It was more like a deep connection to what made him himself and when he saw it the tears were a response to his own self-love.

They went back inside and it didn’t take long until they were fighting again and maybe she was provoked maybe she felt like it was the only way to protect herself but it wasn’t long before her sister came to him again with scratches. He called her name, but she was hiding. Like a moment of sickness which passes she peered out and came smiling sheepishly to the crook of his finger. She sat in his lap again and defended herself. When he told her her punishment she tried to rebel by going to Netflix until he took the remote away. Then she did the strangest thing. She took a chair and faced it in the corner and sat in it.

I didn’t say you have to sit in the corner.

I knew you would come talk to me.

I don’t want you to be sad. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just can’t hurt people without hurting yourself. Would you rather I gave up on you?

No, that’s why I knew you’d come talk to me.

Yes, and what you know doesn’t come from up there from what you saw in the sky it comes from in here what you hear in your heart. It’s funny about which one’s really faster.