What’s wrong? Vandever says again. What happened? Her eyes lost, We need you. I need you. We need your help, she says. Her terror reflected to the MC in Vandever’s eyes. He took a spice hit out of the bong, and I think he held it in too long… a joy at first always a joy numb epiphany in breaking through sober reality to a spiritual wasteland clarity not the issue not right and wrong but truth and held in long enough everything not of value slips away like a Waltz in A Flat by Brahms heard at the dumpster and I (you?) remember, we remember in Act One (and is this Act Three?) how the pieces work together to solve the puzzle and so he says I remember whenever I’d play it how my father your grandfather would come lay down on the ground and act like he was resting in peace, dead, what the worms cannot eat growth of the soil and maybe this already happened maybe if in some measure of time it was last year a birthday already passed a birthday to come in a year with a month of 29 days for as they say in quantum computing the phrase “cat state” often refers to the special entanglement of qubits wherein the qubits are in an equal superposition of all being 0 and all being 1 pride making me think people will love me for what I do when really they will hate me for it or even worse not care how you need to get off stage and contrition is better alone because no one wants to see that just like when a song is shared here you don’t listen to it unless maybe it’s familiar it’s like going into someone’s room when they’re not there it feels weird the greatest thing about love is the one person on earth who knows you the best is also capable of hurting you the most and even a righteous anger is a sign of weakness for you’ve already received your reward whatever the injustice whoever offended you can walk away the focus away from them and back on you and a good name can’t be had this way if it matters to you because everyone has to play the game and it is written man shall not live on bread alone and the story this story centers on the struggle between sacred and profane love redemption through love a theme running through much of this work a good hell feeling all that you hold true and best about yourself the memories you cherish most none of it real a fever a dream but then the dead don’t know when you sing their praises and it’s not what it means that matters but that you can make it have meaning the trick to art to make it timeless no matter what you’re talking about and it’s not really a fall from grace but you’ve fallen… And is he lucid? Where is he?