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if there’s one axiom to the universe it’s this: don’t make a woman wait. it pisses them all to hell. which ties into the next axiom because you can’t just have one: once a woman turns on you it’s done. it’s like a recess to their hearts you can’t quite get to anymore…

Charles Bukowski “Bluebird”

There’s a bluebird in my heart that wants to get out but I’m too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I’m not going to let anybody see you…

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Typical Uncle Carter… He’ll probably use it for his writing…

Then you see the MC on the top bunk. His legs dangle over the edge and he’s looking at his phone in his lap like he’s reading along with the post.. He’s not dressed to go outside. A ragged green t-shirt and blue plaid pajama bottoms are his attire. Worn black slippers with one of the soles ripped are on his feet. He swings them gently.


Everything dies that’s a fact but everything that dies someday comes back. The fiction of it merely an improvement on it. An improvement on life. You get old enough you live deeply enough after a while you’re no longer afraid you almost welcome it because things start to repeat you see yourself in the same situations again saying the things you swore you wouldn’t say again but here you are given another chance and it’s like old photos a song you like what by yourself you could spend hours getting lost in but it’s also something you want to share you want to share those old photos that song you like never thinking on the other end how you are when someone wants to share those things with you how we hate the obnoxious neighbor blaring their stereo with the windows open how we dread when someone brings out a photo album because it’s a strange thing hearing someone else’s song seeing pictures of them before you were in their life and sometimes this makes you sad and other times it makes you hard because what it means is the assurances of friends lovers enemies these things too shall pass they pass over each other and all you have is what you are in the midst of them when you find the words and sometimes the words are theirs…