You hear a phone ringing. It has a ringtone of Hank 3. It sounds like it’s coming from behind the curtains. Then you hear a scratching sound almost like a needle is being picked up from a spinning record and as the curtains draw open the audience sees the screen is already down projecting a view of the standard desktop of a Microsoft operating system (maybe not the new Windows 10) with its icons above the default wallpaper the recycle bin in the upper left hand corner the start menu in the lower left and you see the mouse arrow but before it selects anything the video feed becomes distorted like the negative is being deliberately damaged and you almost wonder if the screen saver is on because it has that mystifying pattern light streaming out at you sometimes a color slipping in before turning back to residual images of black and white and you hear pigs in the background you can hear them grunting their voices fall over each other like they’ve gathered at the trough and then beneath their voices or maybe above and behind you hear muffled gunshots and mixed with the din of the pigs it sounds like a hammer like one of those machines at a junkyard that compacts and presses down making a car into nothing a beat to it a rhythm and then it all slows down the needle is down on the record again but the RPM is too slow and the sound of the pigs and the gunshots elongates it goes on further than it should perhaps at a frequency now that makes you feel cold like what an animal feels in the presence of danger not necessarily fear but the preparation for it but then it’s like someone shook the mouse and the screen saver goes away and the audience sees this feeding from the top: 

Connected to the Tor network United States (AEG) Romania (Voxility S.R.L.) Bulgaria (Delta Softmedia Ltd.) France (OVH SAS)



And it can go on like this. Connecting you to one IP address after another. And that’s where you are. Wherever you’re logged on. Wherever that trail leads to find you… This is your identity. If I need to find you this is where I can go looking. And once I’m in you don’t even have to know I’m there. But I see every key you log. I know every site you’ve gone to how long you stayed. So tell me then—what is your reputation among men? Are you with the right crowd?  Headed the right way?  For it might be a pleasure to do business with you but you better have something else to barter with when you know the other person doesn’t love you.



Vandever Ossip sits in front of his computer in his dorm room. His roommate is asleep in fact the whole floor is pretty much asleep. But you hear it softly at first you hear the computer you hear it singing a little. The computer is singing to him…