How many cats is it now anyway? Maybe that’s why they have nine lives. A cat sees its death and everything from it backwards. But it doesn’t start there it doesn’t end there the measurement rests wherever we’re at in time now and that’s why we’re outraged when we feel violated when we feel something’s been stolen from us and all we have is our impotent rage our weakness our final fig leaf and we want to hide for fear even its true causes will be taken from us for what’s inscrutable in any goal is sometimes you must walk away from it sometimes it’s the only way to deal with the frustration of obstacles it’s the only way to be who you are to reach it and…


… and think on these things


No. More like wait on them. There’s just men you like to like and that’s what you tell the men after. I don’t even know if pathetic fallacy is the word for it. Young girls young women of fourteen turning fifteen want to learn the ways of love want someone to teach them to make it but if you’ve ever seen a boy of fourteen turning fifteen he’s in no role to be a teacher so it’s the young men in their twenties who don’t go to college work in the malls at the music store and then you judge what comes of it what becomes of the girl her quality after a broken heart… And you—his name was Dennis. And as you tell it now he was just a dumb thief waiting to get caught and maybe that’s where he is now with a record without a good job maybe the hair the mullet you loved lost the beer belly grown but this is what you compare me to now and not even your first husband who you say I’m nothing like who you picked up on the hood of your car that Monte Carlo you had before the Cadillac when you just wanted to get married now you compare me to what you first gave your love to but now you want control and what was I really was I stealing a woman away from her husband or was I just a dumb naïve kid with romantic notions and mischievous intents and what does that make me now who are you why must your laughter be gay why is the most formidable foe a lover scorned first in anger soon in forgiveness for always the past is and has happened with our acceptance that anyone who says they know anything about it seeking and finding enmity to those who admit and show none of us really know anything at all and this is why surely the wisdom of a women is a sadness which must take a comedic approach to life—to their entertainment of men…