And now you have to wonder about the audience’s view because there are three fold-out chairs at the table where Mary Jane sits and on the one scooted in a cat lies curled. He’s pure white a sleek muscled skinny the fur not so much fluffy as indented to the bones and his eyes are almost red if not for some brown glints. You have to wonder now if the audience has seen this when did they notice the cat and is it because it hasn’t been addressed that he doesn’t deserve their attention. You wonder do some see the beer Carter took do others see the plate of marijuana do they notice Mary Jane’s pink bandanna or do they ignore the notifications of her smartphone the pocket Bible in red leather these are some of the questions on the audience’s mind and that’s what’s funny what the mind sees how there is a separation between what we perform and why we perform it how we shouldn’t separate the fact that we suffer and the reasons why we suffer if it’s for truth or faith.

Carter must be done with the kitty litter. The profiles of Electra stay quiet. Carter comes to the table with his beer but he doesn’t go to the chair away from the table he pulls out the chair where the cat is curled and in the same motion with his other hand he swipes the cat off the chair. The cat doesn’t seem to mind. He merely stretches and saunters off the stage to where the living room would be. Mary Jane is rolling a joint. She can multi-task. Her Bible is open and when her phone beeps she can text.


How many cats is it now anyway? Maybe that’s why they have nine lives. A cat sees its death and everything from it backwards. But it doesn’t start there it doesn’t end there the measurement rests wherever we’re at in time now and that’s why we’re outraged when we feel violated when we feel something’s been stolen from us and all we have is our impotent rage our weakness our final fig leaf and we want to hide for fear even its true causes will be taken from us for what’s inscrutable in any goal is sometimes you must walk away from it sometimes it’s the only way to deal with the frustration of obstacles it’s the only way to be who you are to reach it and…


… and think on these things


No.  More like wait on them.