And you can’t see the sun on a stage because it doesn’t rise or set it suspires to sooth and scorch a copper column only chased to crumble beneath its weight again always with insect murmurs the cacophonic song of birds the prowl of nocturnal animals what hides by day and you want it there you want to see it on the stage something green and alive to welcome it what promises that awakening what signals sleep each frond branch and blade every twig dried and wetted of dew that amazing seemingly indifferent life a brute facticity of earth and stone how like our skin a tree a flower can be part of a larger living organism but we are in the artificial light of an indoor stage set to the comfort just not right for plants for you see it now the dead plant on the stove behind Mary Jane apparently Carter forgot to water it its leaves are brown withered the red and gold and purple of fall their natural colors lost for light given not taken and this light itself wanes so too on the stage first a spotlight on the dead potted plant then the light shines on Mary Jane Carter in the corner by the kitty litter just a shadow sipping beer the characters of Electra on the opposite side of the stage exposed for a moment then as if searching the light moves back to Mary Jane.


I am sorry for him for I don’t want him but I don’t want anybody else to have him either and this is my prayer even when I don’t pray it a prayer no worse than on any other enemy even so to someone close to you for in my vision he must not know but I must the light is mine and this is my advantage though he doesn’t see it that way…