The light is still on the characters of Electra but now there is another light and for a moment the fringes blur they burn to edges and as the eyes equate Mary Jane is seen at the black fold-out table again. She’s no longer talking on the phone but she’s texting. You didn’t see it before but she has a Bible. Just a small pocket Bible the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. She is texting and she is reading which means she reads and when she hears a notification continuing the thread of a conversation she puts the book down and answers her text and you don’t really know who she’s talking to when she speaks:


I’m keeping my eye on the prize… Philippians 3:14

The audience doesn’t know what to focus on for you see the light is still on Electra young and old standing in profile wearing the same summer dress and the Electra who is young faces towards where Mary Jane sits but the Electra who is old is turned away. Carter remains in the dark. 

ELECTRA (1960):

… It’s funny you see a boy a young man who you want to see become a man it is through your efforts he becomes a man but you still see the boy as if that time stays unchanged like you can always go picking wildflowers and you toy with him you play almost like how cats play and when you play you bite but when is it play and not just mean what is play for if not to give us someone to attack someone to defend against?

ELECTRA (2015):

… The Bible says a man without a goal with perish. It’s amazing how pain simplifies your life and over time you make a deal with it and I trust my memories now just like I trusted my memories then and I think I can say that about him. He never wanted anything. I’d ask him and over the years I thought there were things that enticed him like when after he retired and he thought about buying some land to go hunt and fish. But he wouldn’t do it. Maybe he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t say he wanted anything I think that was it. It was almost like he was afraid to say it…