Now it’s screen in screen it’s always been screen in screen and so you see four squares in each corner of the television set like now you’re watching five channels Mary Jane in the middle at the DMV and four preachers at the podium on stage some with a choir behind them some holding a bible some with a minister of the cloth to wipe the sweat from their brow and almost like Hollywood Squares you want to see their box light up the audio of their sound the only thing you hear over Mary Jane yelling at her smartphone in the line at the DMV other patrons watching amused some of them for they’ve felt the same way we all go to the zoo we just don’t stay but you listen to each square like they want something and not just your money that’s apparent in everything something else but it does help that their gross income is tallied in a banner beneath their box and the squares light up counter-clockwise from richer to poor as if that said enough when we ask a question we already know the answer to the question we’re really asking to see how another responds but Carter and Electra are just stick figures now the room isn’t even in color the only colors come from the box and the boxes inside the box and how good it is that we have faith healers and marriage counselors and one preacher says it could be just one or it could be them all: Praise God for placebos for if the effects be known the power of the mind the subconscious mind in what God can do why brothers and sisters we could put the pharmaceutical companies out of business… And you see a bubble above Carter’s head which fills with words the faith you put into that pill that cartoon drawing of your soul the same as your faith in God how everyone is God how experience is a state of mind and with no one to watch what’s on the screen how would you define its time the time it takes it to say what it has to say make us see what it wants us to see and now it almost looks like the preachers are preaching at Mary Jane they’re all turned to the center of the screen with fingers pointed almost like they’re accusing her of trying to win a game of tic-tac-toe and it’s funny Carter finds it funny and the stick figure who represents him says:


You know when they’re lit up like that what’s darkened is a cross…