The thunder sounds like a distant gunshot. It isn’t raining but the clouds are gathering and so the ground isn’t wet yet it hasn’t yet soaked in the rain because where does the water go what happens to water when it’s underground and you can almost see the ground opening up waiting for the sky to open how the shadows gather in gray to match the clouds and it’s thirsty you feel the ground thirsty for that’s the interval we’re in May has come it’s a few days after the Baltimore riots and the ground has been wet but now it is dry and so depending on the interval is how we see the earth and the old man watches the sky while the young man looks to the ground.


She belonged to that vet. And least she did ‘til he got those kittens and gave her to Junior next door. Damn cat was wild. Try to hold her she’d be purring and still scratch the hell out of ya… I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go through here. People pass through sometimes stay less than a month ‘til the rent’s past due some stay six months and rotate roommates sometimes six of them living together in one room. You get to be my age it’s better to observe be amused at what makes other people angry. Guess it’s just the passing of time you just can’t do it you can’t be young anymore pissin’ fire someone’s gotta watch what’s going on so someone else can do it and I’m past that point I guess past the point of doing somethin’. I just watch. I watch them come and I watch them go… You hear stories of course. His was he worked at the VA maybe still does hell I don’t know. Sure did check his mail a lot. After he left left the cat with Junior I heard that’s how he was getting his spice he sold some to that halfway house down on Main fronted it to Joey who told me ‘bout it because he’s the one sold the ten gram bags Joey said he was just tryin’ to get rid of it but it made them folks at the halfway crazy drove Joey nuts wanting more because they could smoke it and still pass their drug screens. He moved out ‘bout a year ago now. Don’t know if he’s still dealing the spice but he just moved across the street just across from the dumpster round back next to Rural King I know because I’ve seen him dump his trash… Killin’ kittens is what I call it. Anybody livin’ here is just killin’ kittens.