Where are you from?

And it’s a juxtaposition that defies good narrative because you flash to the MC again the cops don’t seem notice him he just stands by the vacuum cleaners vaping perhaps seen just as an innocent bystander maybe if he were holding a camera it would be on reality TV and even though he’s far enough away he can still hear amused by how the cop is looking at their driver’s license the registration the insurance Carter had to find in his wallet because Mary Jane has seemed to misplace it just getting the facts straight the truth because what you say and what’s on paper better not contradict for that is the positioning of fear how appearance must match reality.


So afraid to break the rules… I love the inbred psychology of it because it all goes back to when you’re parents or the guardians of your childhood told you No.  The teachers said Do this and you will be tested… and so you do it.  They must know what they’re doing because they made up the rules and I better pass their tests.  So many lives half-lived this way.  So much of yourself not even known.  Un-tapped.  Because if you’re consciously aware of it you make mistakes all the time that break the rules but if caught they’re forgiven and laughed off as ignorance and really even when you know you’re still ignorant and even if you get in trouble feel the horrible isolation of guilt it’s not the end of the world God willing you’ll still wake up in the morning and when the trouble is over you look back and say: Huh…  It’s a beautiful freedom.  And a sad responsibility.