I can smell it.


What exactly do you smell?

The plates and the license and registration are easy and for a moment you see a flashback to earlier in the day when Carter opens the glove box to get to the gas tank and notices Mary Jane’s driver’s license there she left it there by accident but now he knows where it is and just so you don’t think they just profiled the car take a step back and witness the black Cadillac drive into town the cop car a coupe in gray in black parked just outside the limits of Nashville and how it follows the Cadillac into town at sunset passing by as it pulls into Huck’s parking at the Casey’s across the intersection and so you see Carter get out and come back to the car with a fountain soda it’s not like the cop doesn’t know when it pulls out it’s not a car from the hood full of young blacks cruising through town maybe there to front a drop but the cop pulls out behind anyway the Cadillac without its headlights on and then you see Carter watch the cop pull out to follow looking forward for a moment to the horizon all pink and orange in the windshield shaded and smeared with the mist of a drizzling rain and he says to Mary Jane.


Do you have your lights on?


Mary Jane fumbles at the knob and Carter says: Shit as the cop flips its lights on and so now you know why the young cop pulls them over and calls for backup two more cars pulling into the carwash one marked and one not. Then the focus returns to the Master of Ceremonies now that it’s getting dark the rain has let up he still has the bill of his cap pulled down low but you see it you see the glow of his electronic cigarette and if you know anything about spinning you’d know it’s a PG/VG mix of cappuccino diablo and sour OG Kush wax how if you hear that’s how they do it overseas but then you don’t know any of this unless someone tells you.


See when you’re just watching what do you have to lose? All you need is a comfortable couch some legal refreshments and a Sunday night with your Netflix series or maybe it’s something on AMC and how easy it is to talk about share a post on Facebook discuss in the break room how you didn’t like the ending because the only time you go to the edge is when you talk about it your entertainment and how much better you are for it because you know the edge you’ve seen it it’s been shown to you to get ratings and you can bluff all you want how you’ve walked it but you don’t really know because you’re still afraid of what you have to lose just like it might sound cool watching this on TV a black Cadillac getting pulled over by the cops being let go even though everyone knows there’s weed in the car because do you really want to go down that road and I’m not just talking a night in jail maybe only getting slapped with a misdemeanor for less that an ounce on you but how about the fact it will show up in the police blotter might affect your job after it took you damn near two years to get back on your feet financially or let alone the trauma to the children having DCFS called in because even if the cop couldn’t see through the tinted window panes there are an eight year old and five year old girl in the back… Yes, it’s easy to watch. Easy to comment on. But you know and I know you’re bluffing.

And then he made eye contact a damned thing he never did because that’s something holy. The cop doesn’t look at Mary Jane he doesn’t look at the driver anymore and that’s what you focus on—the cop’s eyes. The cop’s eyes making contact with the man riding shotgun.