The cop is young if you go by his face. Now again you’re looking from within the Cadillac from the passenger seat because the first question is to the driver but the rest of the conversation is with the passenger with Carlton Sexton and Mary Jane Smiley she just answers she starts the give and take the right way she starts it with a lie.


There ain’t no weed in here officer.

And now the Master of Ceremonies stands up from the vacuum stand he leans a hand against the hook that holds the hose and while crossing his leg pulls his sock up in his boot. The bill of his cap is still low down and at the angle you see him you still can’t see his face can’t see his eyes.


It ain’t really about being honey-potted or even honey-dicked it really has to do with the honey-do and we come up with lists all the time. When we’re young we don’t know we’re doing it because we’re trying to prove something. When we’re old we know we’re doing it because we’re bored. The irony of so much to do and so little time. When really we have so much time and we need something to do. And then see you do it and then you’ve done it but the doing it was so much better and lasted so much longer than the feeling of having it done and as you get older you know it which makes you wonder about all that doing and what you’ve done and in the military it’s hurry up and wait but then you begin to realize the less you hurry the less you wait but try telling that to someone young especially a young cop the truth is all you can do is lie it’s what they want to hear anyway it’s what they expect and someday they’ll have children and they’ll learn to lie they’ll learn the best way to get at the truth is to lie and well when a cop pulls you over in a carwash in the rain I guess you better damn well lie.