Now you see the Master of Ceremonies.  He’s been sitting at one of the vacuum stands in the carwash lot the whole time.  His attire is the same except now he’s wearing a hat a blue baseball cap with Lake of the Ozarks sewn on the front and of course an electronic cigarette dangles from his hand as he sits hunched with his elbows on his knees and with his head hung down you can’t see his face at least not the full angle of it.


You’re seeing an image now.  A projected image.  And see that’s what’s going on here the cops are projecting an image the car the black Cadillac with tinted windows is projecting an image and what’s seen through its windows is seen as an image as well and then it’s just a phrasing of the timing making sure one image follows another in a way that’s connected and coherently beautiful because what’s projected and where the projection came from the negatives they must have the proper kiss the right cut and splice so that as the images move as the technology improves what was analog becoming digital recorded in quantum measurements an amazing and wonderful thing happens how there’s still harmony how some images can get behind the phrasing some jump ahead just like there’s a demographic that still uses a land line while others are wireless but they still live side by side they still get along somehow you just got to figure out if the image you see is shining from behind the screen or from in front just like you can be holding your pecker or you can be looking at yourself in the mirror holding your pecker and so now watch see the beauty in the movement the interposing of the images how you can wonder how people saw you in your youth how you’ll probably forget nobody wants to hear you say been there done that and really the best thing you can do is burn after reading in a constant discernment of the projection and the projector and if you’re going to film anything film something that’s moving because if there is no movement there is no time and if you watched anything frozen cook on a stove you know heat breaks things apart and this becomes transcendent upon everything.  Really just like other animals we go by vibrations.