And that’s why the forgiving is hard not because you can’t forgive but because you can’t forget and that sure is a bitch because people are gonna fail ya that difference between what you expect and what you get what you can express and what it is but I guess a dick finds ways to forget because I guess it’s easy to forget when instead of worrying if you pass the test you begin to see there’s really no test at all and when a dick meets a bitch the dick’s gonna win every time—especially when he dies…


The car wash is open in the rain. It’s where they pull in when the cop in the gray and black coupe pulls out of Casey’s waiting on them to go by and follow. The cop hits the lights as soon as the black Cadillac Seville with the 32V Northstar V8 turns on its lights and really what you see now is an interplay of exteriors and interiors you see the area where they pull in where the Cadillac with black matte finish pulls in to the 24 hour car wash the cop right behind them and you see the interior of the Cadillac the wood upholstery faded tan leather heated seats at least the heat works on the driver’s side the electronic console pretty hi-tech for a 1994 and you see hands reach for the glove box the power windows in the front rolling down and you focus on the flaws the crack in the windshield that starts in the lower right corner travelling across the top to where the rearview mirror should be but isn’t and now you know you’re not seeing this from the driver’s side but from the passenger’s so the camera follows that point of view first looking out the cracked window to the empty lot with the wash stalls and vacuum cleaner stands the air having the neon glow it sometimes has at dusk when your downtown among the lights from the gas stations and fast food chains a pinkness to the air slowly being grayed out in swaths of orange and black and for a moment you see the cracked pavement the uprooted asphalt of the lot the weeds growing up then the camera turns to look out the driver’s window over the head of the woman the driver Mary Jane you see her pink bandanna and large sunglasses turned to the cop as he comes walking up his flashlight out trying to shine in the back windows but no good with the tinted panes he’s hesitant as he ducks his head in.


So where’s the weed at?