Mylar Bursmooch is washing dishes.  The pots and pans are done you can see them stacked neatly to dry and now he’s working on the plates the cups the saucers he’s wearing a white apron but it doesn’t look white anymore the water jets out from the faucet spraying everywhere as the dishes are cleaned underneath the apron his white button-down is rolled up to the elbows and the black slacks and sneakers have that residue of kitchen grease so thoroughly embedded in the fabric as to not even have to be smelled.  He’s got his head down as workers come and go attentive but not really present to the routine of moving dish from sink to sink.  A busboy comes in with a pile of plates.


Boss wants the garbage taken out.


Dumpster’s full.


Don’t care.  I’m just supposed to have the trash cans empty.

Mylar has never looked up from his work.  He lifts a dish and lets the soapy suds drip from it before spraying water everywhere.


Mylar stands with trash bags in both hands looking at an overflowing dumpster.  Brahms Waltz in A Flat begins.  You see him sling the first trash bag to the top of the heap then the second and just as he does you see a cat poke her head around from the other side of the garbage.  For a moment Mylar stops to look at the cat as if she personifies a parent giving him a guilty look.  He smiles and gives her the finger.

Now you see him walking a path through a small patch of wooded area leading from the campus to his boardinghouse.  The music still plays.  You see him walking and the cat following behind.  He’s wearing a long black wool coat now and you focus on his face as he stops walking.  It looks like he’s forgotten something.  He turns you can see his breath and he sees the cat.  She’s sits in the path with her tail curled about her her markings not very distinct just swaths of gray and black but in the fading sunlight the shadows make her fur have a moonlight sheen.  She opens her mouth as if to speak but only her whiskers bristle.  When he walks to her she backs away and as he backs up she walks towards him.  Mylar shoves his hands deep in his pockets shrugs turns around and continues walking.  Now the cat decides to pounce.  She quickly darts the distance between them and claws his calf.


(bending down his hands flying out of his pockets)

You little bitch!

The cat retreats her ears back.  Then she hunches and stretches putting her ass in the air meowing loud.  Mylar keeps walking the cat following and so it goes until he reaches his door the music ending.  She stops at his doorstep and looks up at him once again her mouth open but only her whiskers bristling.  Mylar stands in his doorway looks down at the cat.


Oh go spray some water on it!

Then he closes the door.


The movie screen lifts and the stage lights come on and behind the screen as it lifts you see stage center a king-size brass bed then you see the rest of the furniture the bed is definitely a woman’s in its comforters but the room is a man’s nothing on the walls a fold-out table and chairs and there are no bed rails the mattress and box springs rest on the floor of the stage the brass headboard not attached but leaning between the wall and the bed there’s a record player in the corner the turntable is going an album of Cole Porter songs sung by Ella Fitzgerald Night and Day. In bed are Mylar Bursmooch and Electra von Turnipseed.  They are naked but there are blankets between them.  You can see he’s trying to diddle her but she’s having none of it and laughing.


Wasn’t it the Bard who said man, proud man… most ignorant of what he’s most assured?