Jesus I wouldn’t bother

He belongs to me now





The Master of Ceremonies


Mylar Bursmooch                   the grandfather

Electra von Turnipseed            the grandmother

Carter Sexton                     the father

Mary Jane Smiley                  the mother

Vandever Ossip                    the son

Rosemary Thomas                   the wife


The audience is seated you look over their heads to the stage a red curtain lights shining up from the stage the only illumination a hush of voices and no applause as the MC walks on from the left he doesn’t look dressed for the occasion though it’s winter outside as glimpses of the overcoats in the audience reveal he’s wearing a royal blue t-shirt maybe without the Hanes tag and a pair of navy blue Dockers shorts Teva sandals on his feet and he holds a Premium e-cigarette (slightly enhanced) in his handStopping short of mid-stage he turns to face the audience.  You see the blue glow from the tip of the electronic cigarette.  And then his eyes.


You are inside a computer.  Not the classical kind with its ever smaller microprocessors which according to Moore’s law will run out of room.  No, no tiny circuits filled with resistors and capacitors super-cooled metals all those little switches going on and off giving us our zeroes and ones I’m talking about something which once seemed speculative science fiction because imagine if instead of just zeroes and ones each little bit of information could be both zero and one at the same time and everything in between.  No, instead of your motherboards you have a vacuum.  A vacuum where you are just a single atom being disturbed.  And the funny thing, to the observer, they can know your value without even looking…

With that the MC exits stage right and the red curtain opens.  The lights dim to reveal a large movie screen.  At first you hear voices overlapping from the audience, but then the movie begins.  The music…