but back to the story (it happened on the corner of Prytania and Washington) let me tell ya about the girl who caused my injury why I was walking on a broken ankle… and I saw him outside a handshake and a hug not unlike what happened to me before and it’s a good day it’s a good day to be telling it the day after Christmas the day my father died his poppa this advice that ain’t my advice because yes you can look back maybe reclaim some of your youth and that’s a good thing depending where you are it’s like fishing in the river abiding by catch and release but if you stare too long beneath the surface you fall in and drown and so no when people ask you to look you shouldn’t look you just got to remember how your hand gets to your mouth what comes before and after because hell even my ex-wife talks about spiritual forces and I tried to tell her well if you believe that you can’t think in physical time maybe you need to expand the interval a bit or like in calculus just take smaller slices it all ends up to be the same thing and yes I believe in synchronicity not in just the words of Carl Jung and Philip K. Dick how it applies in physics it’s just that I see it happen all the time the meaningful coincidences and the trick is not to hold on or you’ll explode you just gotta relax let the mind go and enter the stream like I remember once I couldn’t piss it was on Monticello Avenue a regular hangout of ours Ben Sam and others we used to call it The Love Inn beings that it used to be a whorehouse it had an underground tunnel that connected it to a place called Racketeers a pool hall and back in the gangster days customers could go freely between we had some fine times there like that back room of friends that Dylan wrote about how ten thousand dollars at the drop of the hat give it all gladly if our lives could be like that yes we had some wild times like driving naked across Lake Pontchartrain bridge getting pulled over by the cops I sat between them in the back the two girls who lived there Stacy and Lee (and let’s not talk about the girl with the cats who also lived there) and I tell you it’s a fine thing having girl drinking buddies because otherwise it’s just a shameful sausage fest and I remember once we were drinking on Monticello before heading out on one of our nights in New Orleans and I had to piss and when I walked into the bathroom Stacy was at the mirror applying mascara and I mumbled something and unzipped at the toilet stood there for a good minute without a drop mumbled something zipped up and walked out and the whole time she didn’t even blink guess you can’t when you’re applying mascara but it’s a fine memory of the character of the woman and now we’re all married or friends with our ex-wife and got kids and that’s the funny thing about synchronicity time intervals how you just gotta let it flow

ya but what about the girl?
the ankle…

oh and he’s sitting by the Christmas tree now handing out the presents to his cousins looks like he’s lost weight but that’s the thing with Basic they feed you three times a day and you still lose weight

so like I said the corner of Prytania and Washington…