You took it didn’t you?
The Myers-Briggs test–for your MOS, or what in the Air Force we called our AFSC–they’ll probably give it to you later…

yes and when I took it I wasn’t sure how to answer but then the test is sort of set up for that it’s the same question just asked in different ways like when you say do I contradict myself and the answer is yes (dark and light the weak and strong force electromagnetism the mystery of gravity–Nature is a quantum foam of polar opposites–and the hallway was outside the doors opened to the outside and her floor was one below and his floor was one above and it’s his birthday and she’s following him her red hair in tones of gray and the shadows of a Texas midnight) but then you are a hypocrite because do you contradict yourself do you shout it a barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world what word comes to you what will the next word be will you look back will you hang your head after you freeze for a moment and play your life in rewind to what was just said and get another meaning out of what you’re merely imitating and you begin to know why the complexity of it as more people join along because we’re all hypocrites to a certain degree of blind ignorance and what you embrace about yourself and they say drink it drink what? for even if they sugarcoat it into the red or blue pill and what will I do to whom do I belong who am I? these questions expose more than any answer will so instead of giving you some young adult fantasy about how special we all are that you have to never fear being ordinary it’s better to face the absurdity of suicide how everyone is talking in your head after you try the Kool-Aid and we know what’s going on it’s just that you begin walking around in a glass cage of emotion a menagerie where what you said is reflected back refracted with the fears and doubts in the eye of the beholder and it can be a hilarious funhouse of mirrors but as soon as you stop and fall in love with yourself beware of cracks that’s how the light gets in and what doesn’t cancel the other out why that’s your lovely image on the wall and so don’t forget–a hypocrite hides yes answer as befits the question the form of the question there already in your mind and anyway don’t worry… it’s multiple choice

and so he turns to her and even without the moonlight he can see her eyes see that she’s smiling waiting to see what he will say for she has been following him without words and he says:

i’m stupid

the smile never leaves in fact it spreads to her eyes and without ever saying anything (how about that the mystery enshrouded in silence how less is so much more because then we begin to attribute ourselves to that other person and we want them we yearn for their silence to mean there’s something they’re not telling us that we too belong in that knowledge) yes not a word she says she just does an about face and walks away…