my advice take the back roads. And I mean not just metaphorically speaking I mean literally. The view is more pleasant less waiting on others (which puts you in a better mood than when you’re cussing out the guy in front of you for holding up traffic trying to turn left) and when you think about it and you have to think about it the direct route the shortest route isn’t always the fastest sometimes you have to go out of your way and there’s logic to the back roads once you get your sense of direction you can’t really be on autopilot thinking about your job or about what someone said or all the other strange memories that just pop up in your head while driving and yes the road less travelled is a mighty fine road so the metaphor suits the advice too because you can be like all the others waiting in traffic or you can take another way with maybe a few more turns a trick of navigation in a day and age when most people can’t see the stars or the angle of the sun on which side the moss is growing and that strange phenomena of electromagnetic fields which thanks to Maxwell gives us all our tech toys makes it so we don’t even need an old-fashioned compass but it’s all relative anyway even the laws of money and if you take that road if you go it alone why you might get there faster but that’s just another nuance to the metaphor to the literal meaning because there’s nobody in front of you and no one behind it’s like you skipped ahead and it can be dangerous you can literally risk your life like on some roads up in Montana when it’s forty below you might go for miles stretches of desolation (and on the mountain roads it can be a thing of great beauty) where you don’t see another car not another human being and if you’re not ready if your car breaks down or you lose the road in a whiteout you can die get frostbit in a matter of minutes and see that’s the nuance of those back roads their danger their allure how we are commissioned to go out onto the highways and byways because you can’t always do what you are told so don’t always listen to what your friends tell ya and the indoctrination you’re about receive it’s a good thing but keep your eyes wide shut even when you’re staring off into space be thinking of other ways to get to your goal and remember when you skip ahead when you take another route and get there before the other guy don’t be surprised if you’re accused of cheating while there’s some who still ask you for directions and that’s how it starts big even though it’s really small because the best place to learn this the best place to know the back roads is in your hometown

i think i’m afraid

Of what?

of what i don’t know

shit you’ll be wondering about that until the day you die it’s just that as you get older it bothers you less you’ve been through enough experiences where there was nobody there to help you that you’ve learned to rely on yourself and despite the dramas the outcomes don’t matter and just like my daddy used to say to me I’ve forgotten more than you’ll learn and maybe in way that’s all that it is all that senility is—your mind just says enough in its graceful decline…