and look at the time.  the dates.  and why Burden Falls?  WHY BEGIN WITH WATER?  why the despair that leads to conviction (not unto condemnation) that leads to the contrite heart saying:


21:7 You take a bath if you’re dirty.  And guilt is good guilt is healthy—as long as you’re not controlled by it.  And they said Come and see and so I saw I saw the cycles repeating the patterns and even with a losing hand we have etched our names in the pages of history—enough for today.  8 This is my love returned.  For if there is light you have a shadow. And I saw the game in her.  All cats are sociopaths.  Their loyalty their master is only to the hand that feeds them.  9 So why did I try?  What did I want her voice to say? The truth is we never ask what happens after happily ever after for questions are only answered in hell.  I admit it.  I wanted control.  I wanted to dominate.  I wanted her complete submission.  10 I just didn’t see the price how what the dark hungers for now if we but saw in time progressions the wonder of growth how those cute little kittens become cats we would also know the horrors of decay. 11 All things are mirrors.  My right hand is your left.  And a cat never plays the victim. And so I stopped and I saw I saw the truth of freedom.  Because without the distractions of love everything is based on need. 12 In Nature power is force over time, but in humans it is measured in need. This is our game in mirrors.  The guilt in strength is that we are strong for only a short time the power of love our time used to help others not as strong. Because the world breaks you.  But you are made strong in the broken places. 13 And you will know the weak by their pride. 14 Here’s a man still working for your smile.