7:21 It was the night after my outpatient surgery at the VA for hemorrhoid band ligation (the first of several appointments) that I discovered she still had fleas. As she sprawled across my chest in bed that night one hopped from her fur into my moustache. 22 There are worlds within worlds and we are made of energy constantly going in and out of existence.  23 So I thought this tiny little bug what world is it what was the measurement of its life, and because I felt it I felt its movement I knew even in the dark it was there. 24 And what did it sense?  What did it feel?  If its world was anything like mine I suppose it saw in ratios.  Patterns.  And the smaller you go the more infinite the measure.  Or better put–the smaller your measure the more incalculable the more infinite what is measured. 25 Self-similar sustaining in a positive feedback loop.  More complex as it gets larger.  26  And it was I that made the observation of this flea, thus I made it exist.  Before it was ever on the cat.  27  Because you see the sky is not blue and the sun’s not yellow.  Blue is what we see because it scatters in the air.  And the rest of the spectrum what our eyes measure in visible light our pretty sunsets–why that’s just complementary colors mixed together based on what’s reflected and what’s absorbed.  Black is not really a color.  28  The darkness is merely the absence of color.  Where nothing escapes…

The light overcomes darkness.  As anyone knows.  If it didn’t what we know would be different.  Like gravity failing…   I’m sure he didn’t ask for it I mean does anyone know what they’re asking for kinda like how everything tastes like chicken I mean even the staunchest agnostic well into old age who’s fought their battle with cancer and is just happy to be here knows we take a hell of lot on faith.  But we test it.  We conduct experiments and verify our answers.   And this is how we arrive at a consensus–not on really what it is that’s limited by the measurement of our observation but on how we got to our answer–the method.  The method is all that matters…  Of course his co-workers didn’t have to share it I don’t think he told anybody at work I mean that would have been foolish but like everything else everybody knows everything about everybody or at least we have our rumors about wealth and position ingrained notions of success and my God it’s even in that awareness when someone says:  How was your weekend? and you say Oh it was good but you don’t say How was yours? and they walk away saying God what a self-absorbed shit so I’m sure he pissed a few people off without even doing anything just minding his own business but when excerpts of his little darknet treatise The Tale of Two Cats got shared on Facebook (you know how they make it so easy-just clink on the link and say what’s on your mind) it wasn’t so much the post that got him into trouble with his girlfriend I mean sure she was pissed he was treating her cat like a gimp but it wasn’t that it was the comments.  Hell–the comments are usually the best part…

and behaviour has patterns. Just as Nature in its beauty

takes it course and what kind of hell would that be?  To be the center of your world.  Like Davy Jones Locker we’d all be running around faced with ourselves on all sides.  Just imagine if all you saw was what you see in the mirror every day and there’s nowhere to hide.  You’d quickly own up to the fact that the one thing you truly want to forget is yourself and you’re reminded why this is a good thing and the reasons why anyone asks you to look in the first place and I’ll be damned if I just want to see myself everywhere I go looking.  Why that’s like fighting an argument you can’t win.  Or is it?