And I don’t know why we do it.  Why we don’t submit to authority.  Even a bad government an evil government provides order.  And without it there’s anarchy.  But I guess all of us thinks it.  All of us thinks we can do it better than the other guy.  To rise means the existence of someone to see you fall really a balance a tension at all times between contradictory forces a completion and yes power corrupts but we always put someone in charge either by vote by birth or by the man with a gun and you’d be amazed what people will do if you give them a reason to do it a cause a belief and in some generations it is money and others it is religion but also in each of our individual lives this repeating the balance the tension to say I will do anything for this because I believe it even if it betrays love in this the deep waters of civil disobedience for when do you say I believe this even if you say it’s wrong in fact I think you’re wrong in denying me my belief this how we walk in the light of conscience and judgment the discernment of spirit and behind the veils of What is Truth? behind the symbol the Word humanity follows its common trait forgetfulness not in what we’ve done but in what has been done for us…

ah yes fine words he says but it was about paper

I mean sure you could get heroin a gram of pure uncut Bolivian cocaine for eighty bucks a gram of Silver Pearl laced with DMT from the Netherlands but I knew Mason and I had my impressions what I’d heard about George and I knew they just dealt in weed.  It’s not surprising why spice is running rampant in the military with new legal strains staying a step ahead of the DEA and drug screens and in George’s posts I guess he found his cause his reason to believe and even if in wise words it is good to render unto Caesar his darknet rants were all about why marijuana was made illegal and one of his chief reasons for the conspiracy: the government didn’t want our military smoking it.  Not hard to see why.  Marijuana was technically made illegal in 1937 by the Marijuana Tax Act but it was made illegal by many states before that starting back in 1906 some say due to racial issues (the Mexicans smoking it to relax after working in the fields).  It was still cultivated during the war.  Hemp was.  And that was the real gist of it—the commercial value of hemp.  Which grows tall and is low in THC.  Hemp makes great paper.  Not good for the lumber industry and nearing the Great Depression Hearst our prophet of yellow journalism with the aid of radical voices out to abolish all vices ran quite a campaign demonizing cannabis.  Simply because he owned the mills making the wood pulp for his papers… anyway marijuana wasn’t really made a crime punishable with heavy sentences until Nixon the Vietnam War and it makes sense—you can’t have soldiers smoking pot. Maybe in a perfect world where everybody smoked weed we wouldn’t need laws against it.  But it takes all kinds I guess.  Being high’s not good for negotiations.  Let alone defending oneself from an aggressor.  Then there’s the whole submitting to authority thing.  You don’t think much of superiors when you’re high.  So when you thank a veteran it’s one of the reasons why.  You thank them for their service because it provides the freedoms you have and just like states a hundred years ago made marijuana illegal for various reasons states are making it legal again not just because of the businessman behind the hippie but because well times keep on a changing.  And it takes all kinds.  So I can see why George being a veteran and working at the VA where my ex-stepdad worked could be inspired by things like Silk Road—he was trying to see the big picture a greater truth or as my father would say

he was young