SHE ADJUSTS THE POSITION OF THE WEBCAM.  We were out looking for a place to play golf that day she says but the day you fell the rains had come and we wanted to see we wanted to see it—see if the water was flowing.  It had been nearly a year.  A year since you met him again met George at the Liberty Fest the Little Chapel get-together up in Saline County and by then we had seen it all.  Can’t say every back road but from the spillway along the Mississippi river bottom to Trail of Tears Little Grassy and Devil’s Kitchen to all of Shawnee Forest Dixon Springs and the Chocolate Factory Golconda and Cave in Rock with Kentucky on the other shore of the Ohio and then all the way up again winding north through Pounds Hollow and Rim Rock the Garden of the Gods—we liked driving you liked driving and smoking weed—and I lived in the house for almost two years George’s house then we moved away and I came back to southern Illinois and we had already graduated when we met then my mom came back after she divorced him (she divorced you only to divorce him) and then he came back and got that job at the VA but by then George had already been put on midnights out of the way of people and it was at Stone Face—you took me on a date to see Stone Face—that’s when you told me you were dealing. 

She looks small on the screen but that’s just because the screen is small.  Most millennials do it now—selfies.  She looks like her mother.  In the eyes.  In her language of English and body.  But the face is his.  She just woke up.  You can tell by the shine the scrubbed features the hair back in a ponytail a tank-top pajama.  And you realize this all has been her.  Talking to a camera above a computer screen.  Who knows how many installments.  All posted on YouTube.  Like a video diary

no you can’t change it

and she says The past is within us it’s ours we own it to use as we wish and that is what we pass on but what has been always has been and always will be to those who look back that’s not what you’re creating there are no time paradoxes you can’t change that which can’t even have the attribute of change and this idea of if I do this or if I hadn’t done that why that’s vanity one person can’t change the world it’s just that others look at them and are altered and if enough people look it already happened it fits the classical definitions of change but you always do what you were supposed to do even if you say I ain’t doing it and really if you want to be remembered not this silly I won’t watch anymore because I don’t like how you ended it it’s not perfections by far no if you want to be held up as something sacred best be dead a long time but to those who really remember you knew who you are it’s the flaws really the things you can laugh at the key to true love for yes that’s the only thing—death is for certain—and what else can you do of things you can’t change but make a joke of it?

anyway he was weird George was I can see why they put him on nights when I saw him for the first time it looked like he was always sweating and that peach fuzz mustache moist face and body chubby but not that hard lard of older men still the chub of baby fat his janitorial uniform pants held up by tight belt but the shirt never quite tucked in right always a white hand towel hanging out the back pocket and when I saw him his wrist bandaged lifting a heavy biohazard bin he said he just sort of butted in to our conversation and started talking about himself all I wanted to know was how he was getting it how he was supplying Mason and that’s when he gave me his link his YouTube link on how to get on Silk Road


That’s what it looked like.  If you’re on the clearnet.  The web we’re all used to.  Aided by our Google Now and Siri and Cortana. I had never heard of it.  The darknet.  TOR.  The onion router.  That’s how you find sites like Silk Road.  George had never heard of it either until it was seized last year in a bitcoin hack.  I guess he found a way to replace that spice habit I heard about that led me to live in his house.  And it had it had a new URL .  With this message:  We Rise Again 

You are Silk Road

Though our enemies may seize our servers, impound our coins, and arrest our friends, they cannot stop you: our people.

You are writing history with every item purchased here.

It is unprecedented for any entity, darknet or clearnet, to completely repay the victims of a Bitcoin hack.

We are sending a clear message of integrity and justice, louder than the slander our oppressors can push into the news. History will prove that we are not criminals, we are revolutionaries.

We do not steal the People’s money like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley.  We bail each other out with our own sweat.  We are not puppets of fear or greed.  We do not run like the cowards at MtGox, TorMarket, or Sheep.

Silk Road is not here to scam, we are here to end economic oppression.  Silk Road is not here to promote violence, we are here to end the unjust War on Drugs.  Silk Road is not here to submit to authority, we are here to defend a foundational human right: freedom of choice.

Silk Road is not a marketplace,  Silk Road is a global revolt.

The idea of freedom is immortal.