THEN I SAY BECAUSE YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY you read this just what I wrote but it was not written until you read it thus defining it as written for the words don’t exist unless you share them if I speak and you listen and I know you listened but it still means nothing until the words themselves say I exist and where you are I am the world I created for you so you can show someone else and say: See… but it was west and not east we did not travel east because of where we were in relation to it and damn if you can’t see it as they say you can see it without cloud or fog base—7000 square miles—the cross. The cross at Bald Knob

and you not Mason you fell the probabilities there a curve that doesn’t collapse it was probable that you’d fall an ironworker working at heights that that damn writer husband of hers would fear step away from and so I know in one world she divorced you and you fell and in another she didn’t and you fell and in one she didn’t and you didn’t and it is that world that world I believe in it’s what I’m interacting with now and because I use these words to create it and these are basic I don’t know I just don’t know if my world is the one you read or have I taken it taken things from your world and I only hear what I’ve taken what I’ve stolen and when I give it back just as I’m doing now something changes I mean it’s got to maybe an angle is off a momentum a spin and I just don’t know if it’s because you looked or I caught you looking but it’s never the same never normal again until I don’t speak I just shut up and speak only when spoken to and then well then that’s the ground

and I know I know what you’re talking about and

I can see how you’d get all turned around those roads out there don’t follow a normal north to south east to west because it ain’t flat two dimensional because space is a wave a wave function just like light but then I cease to be one and become another and how is that? How am I one and then the other? Why is light just not light? But don’t ask for directions. Just like everything else all it takes is one. One bad teacher. And I say to myself: I feel this but I know from what you’re saying how you feel I can imagine what you kept back that unconscious observation which takes a measurement nonetheless and that alters me what I imagine you observe and so I’m observing you observing me and when? When does this decoherence this reduction of possibilities end into this single possibility you see (you read) thus showing the limit the boundary that justifies the framework the intuition that what you just read is

an approximation… that’s all it is

but there are no limits to your lostness. you can say you’ve done anything enough fightin’ fuckin’ drinkin’ til you’re ready to puke on heaven’s door but just like that cross that can be seen for miles and that little grand canyon not far from it you die it dies we all die so all you can do is live. just live. and just like that sign that tombstone I saw out there (you were alive then) this is what it’s gonna say what it says what it has to say to anybody gone looking: The last bastard who asked directions…