because when did you know?  For in the past God overlooked such ignorance but I no longer hear it I hear not the word Repent and the sheep say Behold we’re sent out amongst them! and the wolves say Why you’re nothing but sheep!

the awakening

he told beautiful stories my father did he told me a beautiful story and he said:  Look

twas curiosity killed the cat.  You can’t really call that temptation—what you don’t know what you haven’t done—you can’t be tempted with that.  That’s like tempting a boy a child with a naked woman.  No you have to remember to be tempted.  You have to remember what it was like…

but it was a beautiful story because some kill for it some die for it and life death don’t matter none we all made it we all made the choice we say I see the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars the things I must do during the day these things that must be done at night how I must answer to my ancestors those ones buried in Goreville out in Friendship cemetery how maybe something my great-grandfather did on my momma’s side (he was a blacksmith I hear and maybe he shoed a horse wrong one day still exacting payment and that horse’s owner why maybe he fell off that horse hurt his back and never walked right again and maybe he was mean after that mean to his dog and he taught his children to be mean to dogs and maybe one of them poor mistreated dogs why he run out in front of your grandfather’s car when he used to deliver newspapers at night the dog not hurt none but the car wrecked and none too soon because you heard your grandfather liked cars drove the heck out of them always looking for an excuse to get a new one so he buys a new car after the wreck only he don’t have enough money so he makes a withdraw from your grandma’s bank account funds she’s been saving from working the last seven years as a seamstress in a sweat shop and of course when she finds out he stole her money to buy a new car she never forgives him and if she could have divorced him then she would have but that was sixty some odd years ago and women didn’t do that much then and your momma had just be born but by the time you’re old enough to go to Disneyworld you remember visiting your grandfather in a trailer park outside of Tampa for that’s where he ended up after your grandma finally divorced him fed up over the finances and he had a pet badger you remember that his hands all cut up clawed and bit because who has a pet badger?  Everybody knows badgers are mean…  Anyway all this to say:) it affects you and you can believe it or not you can believe the sins of the father (even a badly shod horse) pay it forward and this is the fear of all fathers in the unforeseen fate of their children and so what

so what do you know?

well I guess you shouldn’t be mean to dogs he says cats neither… you probably shouldn’t be mean to cats…