silence is golden you see it in her face in his face a story there no words and you can start anywhere it just ends where you leave off where you say I’m going now I’ll return to you later that last word fixed yet as impermeable as the memory it is linked to and all it takes is that last word to lead you somewhere and suddenly you are in its world and all its words before it and you your mind are there you are wherever the words are

can’t you see he says where I stand others have stood and either I am or it was and I don’t know I just don’t know to which or for which it abides forever–the earth or my mind

the earth or my mind

And so she looks around her mind on the earth Jess does for here she’s with Will and it is a Sunday and he ain’t dead yet for it would take three days for her to tell someone for her to tell her father tell him the story and how it is told how it begins how it ends and she looks with her mind to the earth for in this way she knows how to tell it and she sees:

the narrow of my focus for if I look small I see small and if I look big I see big but both I limit as to how small how big and

Three hundred million years ago this used to be beachfront property. Where Will stood could well have been not a cliff but merely a rock in the sand on the shoreline of a shallow sea teeming with life.  Then the water was gone the exposed soil sustaining plants and then trees and then the forested land it now was and for more than ten thousand years people had lived there.

yes this I know he says and if you look to the ground even to the moss on this rock you will see a story going on for even a dew drop tells of centuries in what it was and what it will be…