And the water took steps.  Nestled in the Shawnee forest east of Ozark on roads paved then unpaved garrulous and muddy after the rains the long winter steep in a valley on a winding incline the way out washed out in places water on rock Will stood his back to the edge of a cliff overlooking Burden Falls. It was a Sunday and he had turned to stone.

ah but change is the moment’s thorn she says you make a choice based on today even when you know that may not be how you see it tomorrow do you really want to be passion’s fool?

But I cannot be moved I have seen how it will always be

the sun then behind him I remember didactive in its limits for I only saw in visible light and he said

we all gotta fall, Jess

And then the woman’s face and in the eyes are tears he would not remember because he was dead no memories only change. The choice gone like a smell and she is telling someone she is telling them his story…