They’re not called that anymore.


Grand Dragon is what you’re looking for.  Or Imperial Wizard, Deputy.  Haven’t been called Grand Wizard since the Reconstruction Era.

Oh… well anyway he’s dead.

If you know what you want you have to know how to say it.

Deputy Dunby licks his reefer cigarette and strikes a match.  I know what I want, he says.

Do you?  That’s the problem with most people—they try to hide it.  Or they say God’s will and such reluctantly abandoning themselves to ascetics and other such religious renunciations nonsense.  They say they don’t want it, but they do.  Then they punish themselves.  Cover it up with rationalizations.  They say they keep their eyes open to opportunities then they’re too chicken shit to take them when they show themselves.  If you know what you want you take it.  It ain’t handed to ya.  You gotta work for it—show some balls.  Then what you want well it’s like you already have it.  People see it in your eyes.  When you don’t let things like guilt and fear get in your way.

I’m not afraid.  Ain’t guilty either.  Dunby’s eyes are lidded and now his legs are crossed a shield of smoke between him a Birger.

No…  you look like you have nothing to hide.  Kinda the trick between this world and any other.  Take it as a fact everybody knows anyway.  All your dirt and shameful secrets.  Virtues and vices.  The scale of them don’t matter much.  Privacy is God’s show.  Don’t belong to a man’s world.  You can’t be who you are if you’re afraid people will find out things about you.  Makes for awkward associations those soft petticoats of politeness the hesitance to offend.  Like I said if you know what you want you have to know how to say it.

I thought you might want information.

What do you think I need to know?

Dunby lifts his marijuana cigarette pinched between his fingers.  Would you trade in this if it were illegal?

There’s no money in it.

No?  But there’s money in alcohol because the federal government has prohibited it?  Because the local Klan is trying to enforce that prohibition?

Marijuana ain’t illegal.

Yes, but what if it was?  Would it be much different than it is now with alcohol?  Would there be men like you willing to provide it to those that want it?

Depends on who wants it.

Well… maybe it’s like you said.  If you know what you want you have to know how to say it.