And so now see the men see the men who were with him.  Sometimes I wondered what they believed in but I don’t know there’s times when the clouds are dark and full of rain and the winter comes cold the snow without footsteps you get stripped down deep and you don’t live you exist the meaning of that how the world’s absurd and meaningless the morality a thing of the mind constructs based on information.  Ain’t it funny when you learn something you begin to notice how it directs what you see what you hear and you don’t know that you’re searching but you are and then you have beliefs…  It’s all lies you know.  This world.  Our beliefs meant to placate us.  The truth is your demographic.  What channel and what time.  How your preferences are cached and you’re shown what’s probable you’ll like.  Every camp has their propaganda their defense the existence of another camp.  With Charlie Birger it was the KKK.  But the men who were with him maybe it wasn’t about that nor money neither.  Hell you can get along with most anybody long as beliefs don’t come up.  You can eat with them you can sleep with them and you can ride and never have to share your limits.  No talk beliefs and you begin to think some people are stupid and if you sanctify it well then you have an evil intelligence.  Every moral system has a scapegoat and for some of these men Prohibition on poverty on the land most of them second generation coal miners they didn’t need a belief to get their bread to watch their children grow and sing Christmas carols and even in those dark days when the clouds are full of rain they built on the raw existence with faith hope charity the consequences of law and they knew they knew right and wrong…  So when you see one people say this and another people saying that they still are of the same people saying everything in the world you need to know or say and if one grabs your attention look for what’s behind the curtain for no one ever says anything without first having an idea in mind on who wants to hear it so don’t let  the stupid folks the stupid things bother ya don’t get frustrated at rightly seemed injustice because someone out there thinks you’re stupid too with the things you say and do the things you believe and the best you can do the best version of yourself is to laugh and don’t get mad it all has a way of working itself out and if existence is absurd and meaningless at least you’ve had something to say about it.