and I am not there who you are where you are and he may stand and I may fall and everywhere you see the hearts undergrown the this could be because we are here together and you are there alone so who am I could not be you an enrichment engrained that there are some things you can never be and one aspect of me can contain all of you and all that we name now and after I am here for them but I am not there for me as I try many things and say this is who I am I have heard it from others I have seen realizing who I was when I was with them and how I am when I am alone and with others our intentions and what I am willing to try depending on if I’m surrounded by encouragement or dismay am I loved is who I  am around them and you better know who you are sitting at a table of enemies and now the distinction becomes crystal how we all keep score when you think someone is different than you better and others not like you because you see them as something behind you who you are is where you are and today I choose both the laughter and sorrow the anger and content for even here where there is no pity I am among friends I am bold to see what I believe those unsightly angels those ignorant manipulators who are who they are wherever they are be it with superiors or subordinates well-known companions and strangers you size up in the eyes at home and in another country they are the legends they are the crazy ones and they are of an infinite variety… they are the undefeated told in the attitude of the loser and you you are the one that’s waiting

The gun was always there the trigger and then like backwards the back of Bob’s head blows off and he falls back on his knees and the gun and the hand holding the gun knowing what it is and what it aimed at satisfied in the residue of smoke.

I would have given you the money if’d you just asked, Bob.




And so now see the men see the men who were with him.