You think I’m hurting you but you been hurtin’ for a while now.  You think I’m hurting you but actually this is helpin’.  See you haven’t been yourself.  You’ve never been yourself.  I’m helping you now, Bob.  I’m helping you find your salvation.

he kneels in the street his hands aren’t tied arms just hang the fingers curled in the mud the snow left after the rains head chin down hair a bloody mess one eye already sealed shut purple and black right jaw laid open the skin folded over revealing the bone mouth blood and broken teeth only the rattle of his breath choking on it a sign of life

See it seems like nowadays people get knowledge before they have knowledge.  I’m giving you an experience now, Bob.  So you’re not so turned around anymore.  Them movies you go to see.  Them books you read.  They ain’t real.  This is real, Bob.  They don’t write stories about losers.  Anything told from your point of view right now why it’d be a jumbled mess now wouldn’t it?   Still stuck on whether you deserve this.  That’s the knowledge before the knowledge.  See you should be feelin’ sorry, Bob.  Not sorry for yourself.  But sorry for me in you havin’ to make me do this.   People do things for attention.  Why’d you make me do this, Bob?  You knew I’d know the money was gone.

i needed it

Why’d you need it, Bob?

didn’t have no money for Christmas my kids needed presents

Then why are you acting defeated, Bob?  That’s what happens when you know what you knew came too early for really knowing it.  They’re linin’ us up on a grid now, Bob.  Did you think your ignorant youth would be rewarded?  When you say things old only pain could know.  I’m helping.  I’m helping you, Bob.