The Power Broker

The Power Broker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You ever play the stocks?  Got this thing called binary options.  Bid on whether the price is gonna go up or down by a given time.  A “put” is a bid that the price is gonna go down.  A “call” and you think the price is gonna go up.  Used to play blackjack as a young man.  Kinda reminds of that.  The minimum bet is $25 a hand.  That’s how I play.  All you gotta do is follow the live signal from the broker.  And it’s all or nothing.  You lose you lose it all.  You win and it’s anywhere from a sixty to eighty percent return…  See here—got this app on my smart phone.  Let’s me know when there’s a live signal from the broker.  I put in the amount I want to bid and anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes later the rate expires and I’m either seventeen dollars richer or I lost twenty-five bucks…  Asked my grandson ‘bout it.  He did the math.  I have to win sixty percent of the time just to break even.

If it’s too good to be true don’t believe it.  Funny thing is if it’s in writing you have the tendency to see it as truth.  But for most of my reading I’ve found most things written down is a lie.  Especially when it comes to money.  You don’t get nothin’ for free.  Guess it ain’t strange what’s usually offered as free is somethin’ you want.  Shit.  Even free dirt you got to shovel it…  But I’ve experienced my share of sell pitches—yessir—start with somethin’ you want and they wrap it all up nice for ya.  Money is made off of folks wanting money.  And if you wanna lose weight don’t eat.  It’s what we obey that corrupts us.  Distribution of wealth?  Sons and daughters off to die in a war?  It’s the man who obeys risks the most—wake up one mornin’ and wonder where your soul is—it’s back there in your dreams.  Time ain’t the only thing lost in sleep.  No, livin’ means the law has to be broken.  Guess Charlie Birger and his boys knew it.  I mean how much are you really willing to pay for a drink?

It ain’t my broker that’s criminal.  It’s the system.  But I must say I like it.  I like it when that live signal pops up on my phone.  I put $250 in my broker’s account a week ago.  I’ve been up and I’ve been down.  The way it works I’m never gonna get rich—I know that—even though that’s what they promised.  The way it’s set up is to keep me playing—buy cover buy cover…  But it gives an old man like me somethin’ to do.  Not many folks come for a museum tour anymore.  When they do it’s usually my lunchtime.  That’s why I eat out of Tupperware…