now move move to more than a month later

trick or treat was postponed because of the weather. Tornados were in the area, but the next day—All Saint’s Day—the sun was shining and he vowed to finish it Matthew Malachi vowed:

I saw an old friend a friend from college and I envied him once
his wife downed a bottle of Percocet fell asleep in the tub and drowned

I see him now like I see him then I see Kenneth Dean his daughter just learning to walk he sits at a bench at a playground as she goes down the slide and there is no one there to take pictures his wife is not there to take pictures and instead of looking at my hands I look at his face as he watches his daughter alone he is alone with no one there to help him to share it with and I see his eyes and your eyes say what you are and his eyes say sorrow Sorrow

and all because of stretch marks
I wrote this because because…

You wanted to lie?
No I told the truth
Then what’s it about?

it’s not a story I just went to Texas again I was there as a young man and I thought I discovered the truth only the truth kept changing because like any story you relay some facts and a character is shaped by other characters but then some facts are left out and some facts appear after the story is in mind and these facts make the story different and so you add them in too and then you don’t really know what you’re saying anymore when something happens to you or a person you know and you try to put your finger on it and say this is fair but this is not and out of the injustices maybe a tragedy takes place but then something you didn’t know suddenly sheds some light on the injustice and you have to laugh and then you’re just not sure you’re not sure anymore if it’s a tragedy or a comedy a satire or a mere anecdote and all you can do is just put it down put it all down and to hell if it even makes sense and if there ever was a conflict at all the resolution was before the first word and…

They named her Sassy but he called her Sassafras and if you look at his hands now you will see the scratches of her playfulness a fever that is until he gave her away to Junior his next door neighbor an old black man on social security disability lonely and in need of a companion his eyes like the eyes of his friend Kenneth Dean and the funny thing is you need a next story to know where she came from how she was a kitten to a cat and what this means to another man and woman and their children the same as now but before and the town if this story is to be about a town and the people who live there you must know they close the streets the streets are closed to the children in their costumes but this year it doesn’t fall on the last day of October but the first of November and tomorrow? Tomorrow she says:

We will pray
pray for those in the bosom of Abraham

that they may go from grace to grace until they are finally received
in Heaven