she got the shits after they fucked just over a year since their divorce the fireworks romantic the kids worn out and in bed early he’d spent the night before but always in the bed of their children but on this night Labor Day in the morning they made love not long but long enough to work the gas out of her so in his arms she farted after wiping herself off in the bathroom the love stains on the sheets there the next morning Ugh… I’m sick she says You just feel extreme relaxation he jokes but she rolls over and says Don’t you have to work tomorrow?

and do you know it? do you know the dream?

not the stuff of young men with its emotional disconnect internet porn shaping a view of female sexuality degrading often violent and totally off the point of what should turn you on what being inside a woman is all about not the loving you loving you but sympathy for a fellow human being with desires not indifferent from your own who says yes this is America and it’s the 21st century and the motives for sex and the way it makes you feel aren’t much different now than it was then for man or woman in a society where gender roles are blurring and we don’t lead with what we want to happen and it may all stem from where is he—where is the father?

life should be better for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement… is this the dream?

no it is the dream of instant wealth won by audacity and good luck
a college education is the ticket
i just want to live off the fatta the lan
our parents’ income is highly predictive of our incomes as adults
“it’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”

and my youngest daughter is four now and someday she will have to deal with a whole host of issues about sex that are directly tied to porn and maybe men would know be aware sensitive to the fact of how they treat women if they have to look to their own daughters and say My God—is this what I’m working for—an ex-wife that is a friend and boys growing up thinking only with their dicks?

and she says:

don’t kid yourself the only dream you want is a dream that isn’t wet

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Matthew Malachi didn’t know if he was missed, but he came home from Texas on a Friday. Saturday he knocked on the door with presents. The two T-shirts he bought his daughters and the sign for his ex-wife’s kitchen. And it was a good day. That night they took a walk as a family. That’s when she chose them. That’s when the cat chose him…