He walks with her. Holding her hand. I had a purple day she says That’s six in row What did you learn today? He asks Doubles Doubles? Yes zero plus zero equals zero What’s three plus three? And she counts three fingers on one hand and three fingers on the other Six! Sunday night there were fireworks Today is Tuesday it is six days before he leaves for Texas another Sunday he flies into Dallas to train on the Architect and I am thirty-eight he thinks to himself and it was in the first minutes of Labor Day we made love and I told her of my college days those days these days when you’re young you have momentum and all things are new discovered and you think your folks never had it right you even do things to make them mad what you know angers them just to give them shit what’s conservative in old age mere foibles to liberal youth and as knowledge abounds grace is more so that when I hold my daughter’s hand now and she is six her younger sister home taking a nap on a bellyache of parade candy I say now I have peace not really knowing what that means but I feel it like a storm front moving in and I could sleep sleep for ages and be content feel loved forgiven and even when something goes wrong to disturb my day I still know a thing or two now I know how to fix it without being scared without having to ask for help and then this too gives me peace for life and work are all about the challenges and when you say I won’t give up I won’t give in you overcome this too God’s blessing because if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it and even broken things can be restored they are called opportunities THEY ARE the desires of your heart and you can count to ten on rules and commandments for a happy life the tenets of Love but really there are no rules only expressions like when you look into your lover’s eyes a woman you divorced and say: Sweetheart

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Kenneth Dean was in Texas for a USDA conference. The meet and greet sign stood at the entrance to the Java Coast—they were having in outdoor wine and cheese tasting. The Gaylord Texan hosts many conferences. It’s the official hotel for the Dallas Cowboys.