Ever had a cat?
You should get one

and you say what you believe and what you believe is what you feel and feelings change for sometimes you hate and sometimes you love you laugh you cry you feel sorry for yourself and sometimes you think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread—yes sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you—ask yourself what you’re feeling when you believe that

I’m a dog person
You never did date much
What’s that got to do with cats?

never speak ill of a child’s mother or disrespect a man trying to be a father—they have their mother in them their father’s blood—they must honor their parents lest they be discouraged… and Matthew Malachi says:

I just wonder what she would do if it was the other way around. I wasn’t mad when she told me. I wasn’t upset when DCFS investigated. I got the call here in Texas. Apparently she was standing in the kitchen when our 4 year old unlocked the door and ran two blocks before someone took her inside and called the cops. The caseworker followed up the next day and I got the phone call here in the hotel. Like the neighbor I told them she’s a good mom and is with the girls all the time. She wasn’t sleeping or abusing drugs and alcohol. It could happen to anyone with two children two girls aged 4 and 6. That’s not what bothered me. She never once took any blame. It was the department of child and family services prying into her life putting her up on trial snooping through her apartment when they came the next day without warning, the caseworker even looking in her refrigerator and through her trash—asking her if she just lived on my child support and food stamps. It was the people who took our daughter inside because if they’d just stayed outside with her my ex would have found her without getting the cops involved… it could have happened to anyone it doesn’t make her a bad mother. But she never once said she was sorry. She never once took any blame… What would she have done if it was the other way around? What if I had the kids and one of them ran off? When we separated she placed in order of protection against me. At the court hearing she told the judge I drank and was suicidal she even inferred about an episode where she came out of the shower and suspected I’d been masturbating in front of the children. The order of protection was dropped three months later. We even violated it at her discretion two months after the court hearing when she considered getting back with me because I found a job. She knows I’m a good father that those girls love me yet she said those horrible things in front of a judge… what would she have done? What would she have done if it was the other way around?

and his eyes say that’s not the whole story like he wants to say more how they met how they fell in love got married had kids divorced what caused them to love and not love but more is never enough it’s never enough there’s just not a big enough word to describe how you feel about your wife the dare the love dare to understand and practice unconditional love or to just say enough

cats don’t love. they never say they’re sorry
don’t get a male a tomcat—they never stick around and once they knock a female up they’ll kill the kittens to put her in heat again
why would I ever want a cat then?
to watch
watch what?
what makes them stay around. what makes them purr. what makes them play… they are jealous for your attention. you have to earn their love… and maybe that’s the best kind

don’t try. for have you ever stared have you ever looked into a cat’s eyes? half in half out. there is no reflection in them…