And to the one we love tell them stare into their eyes as I look into his seeing not my reflection tell them tell them of all those you loved before the places you went the food you shared when you slept together what you said going to bed and what you said rising where I was this minute in your hour and still still even if you share your deepest darkest soul no hypocrisy of lies no insinuations nothing inferred even if you hold nothing back and talk like you do as if writing on a night you can’t sleep even then we have not the potential to know another’s mind even when thinking the same thing thinking on the same thing at the same time and laughing or crying together even if they were with you from birth and every day every hour to your death and were never not a moment by your side even then they will not know you and I think of him and I think of my father David and I think of Abe and I know what I know not knowing I know it and you do too but still not enough for as it written a prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home that’s why it’s so easy and so hard for they don’t even know you’re there how you can slip right past them even when they’re trying to kill you what you fear in what you don’t understand for we all know it we all know what it is to be loved and when another finds favor when that is what we desire.

Dulcinea hears it in the trees as they sway in the Spanish moss as it rises and falls the lost blooms of the dogwoods without a flower for her hair and she says to herself Yes I would rather have peace than joy By God he should know me by now when I am hot and when I am cold discernment in my time of the month because Yes a minute is the same everywhere and he knows as to his Time how the direction of an act can warp history down to a stone in your path which leads you to the left rather than to the right a shoelace broken the sight of a woman you call beautiful all things happen and if you could go back and change even one small detail they would still happen just as my mother died on Easter and was born in June Solomon was born in June and you must face everything down to a broken shoelace a pretty girl a stone in your path with the inevitability of death for in this passage in this journey we will all know it.