Verify by: 1// Accession Number
Accession Date: TODAY// (APR 17, 1987)
Accession NUMBER: 21// 198
LEBEAU, BETHANY 328-78-3344
ORDER #: 424446
Seq #: 17 Accession: MHEM 0417 198 Results received: Apr 17, 1987@16:52
UID: 8231830198 Last updated: Apr 17, 1987@16:52

Sample: BLOOD
Specimen: BLOOD

Pat Info: Sex: FEMALE Age: 63yr as of Apr 17, 1987
Phone: 55748

ACCESSION: MHEM 0417 198 [8231830198]
CBC 4/17 16:48d

Test ordered STAT

WBC 33.3 cH K/mm-3
RBC 4.56 M/cumm
HGB 14.4 g/dl
HCT 45.1 %
MCV 98.9 H fL
MCH 31.5 pg
MCHC 31.9 L g/dl
RDW 13.9 %
PLT 128 L K/cmm
MPV 8.3 fL
NEUT% 60.9 %
LYMPH% 20.4 %
MONO% 15.0 %
EO% 3.1 %
BASO% 0.6 %
NEUT# 3.5 K/cumm
LYMPH# 1.2 K/cmm
MONO# 0.9 K/cumm
EO# 0.2 K/cumm
BASO# 0.0 K/cumm

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ER this is Sarah. Hi this is Jared in the lab. On Lebeau the white count is down but still critical. We kind of figured that. BUN and creatinine levels indicate renal failure. Doctor just wants to sedate and stabilize through the weekend…

Today is Friday. Father why hast thou forsaken me? When I was a child… something about wisdom what you get when you cross to the other side. He spoke of the Sabine while feeding the pigs… Give people what the want and they panic. It ain’t hard to kill what you love. Fear. Its understanding and resolution what makes us human. My leg hurts where they taped the catheter. The IV burns and itches. He had a rash when he came in. Latex allergy. Said they didn’t have his size gloves the last time he examined me. That was yesterday–Thursday. Today is Friday. David will be here Sunday and the children will come. Dulcinea with Abe and Solomon someone needs to watch Solomon–he’d be about drinking age this year. I taught him to read despite what David said. The man’s a fool I laugh at his music how important he thinks it is–gone to St. Louis for some radio interview KDHX community radio be back on Sunday but if he were in this bed he’d know how important family is. He was always hurt when I disagreed with him but a disagreeing woman learns you what you can’t be taught what you just know–you know it without the common senses. I wish I could wash my hair must be as dry as Spanish moss in September it was September when Solomon played in church the year he lost his ring fishin’ got right up there on stage before the altar not afraid at all with that cursed guitar David gave him the year Abe was born. That’s the thing about curses when you’re trying for blessings like that doll that damn doll Benjy found I didn’t give it to him Marie Toussaint gave it to me and spoke of poison and blessing and I lost a child that year 1942 almost forty-five years ago. It was filled with Spanish moss and I sewed it with my hair after I took the ring out the black onyx ring the boy gave to me the ring I gave back to him when he crossed the Sabine never to return. I was nineteen years old and engaged to be married to another man but I loved him and if I could have given him more than that ring I would have. I made that doll for him. The old woman who gave me birth told me to if I were to know of free will. Then Benjy found it and Aaron died and then Solomon found it after he lost that ring from a Cracker Jack’s box and he ripped it back open hoping to find his ring inside but that was in a fish the Sabine had it again. That was six years ago the first time Solomon played in church despite his affliction the preacher preaching on the Israelites arising from their bondage out of Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea and I raised my arms in praise and cried Hallelujah! I need my tweezers and a mirror. Hair grows in the oddest of places now and I’m not a man I would never want to be a man. The doll is with me now. It is here in my bed propped against my pillows I asked David to bring it and so I must be careful of curses meant to be blessings and David can talk all he wants about a crossroads I’m sure he will in that radio interview he is a vain man I know because I am vain and what bothers you most about someone else is seeing yourself in them and so I don’t wonder who will hear him on the radio now and what he will say about me because sometimes it takes time maybe even years before you get over injustices and that pain in your heart which is like recovering from a long sickness but when you do it all seems foolish and I’m rather easy on myself about that and so I wonder who will hear it. Who will hear about me from him not now but twenty years from now? I will be dead but who will hear it? Who will make me alive again?