Here now Solomon but don’t God provide? That ain’t the point Grandma says If I had listened to you he mayn’t be the only one born Oh come now Bethany You were damn near forty-three and now he’s nine You sayin’ you fear God for children? Are we Abraham and Sarah? he tries to kiss her but she turns her cheek to him other times it is in her eyes and she gives him her lips a geometric progression first two and then them two have two and then… That’s fine say what you want but I was havin’ none of you less you got snipped Ain’t that what you went to her for? Thought you was white? Ha! Like eyes on you suckin’ in your gut sayin’ I still a man I still have seed Wasn’t she tied? Didn’t you say she couldn’t have children no more? Yes but… Oh hell! Hell no you ain’t comin’ near me with that thing with a ten foot pole First Richard then Benjy then Dulcinea And Solomon? Grandfather asks What ’bout him?That’s contraception a shared responsibility Don’t you have no pity on the Earth? Your talkin’ ’bout abortion Take it David says and he Grandfather hands it to me it’s made of wood and string not unlike my fishing pole you cannot violate causality the past is unchangeable he gave it to me and he will always give it to me part of history all along occurring in all possible ways in different worlds no sound ever dies the earth too adds to it as it moans with its birth for no sound travels through a vacuum it remains here with us and everything you say every sound you make will come back to you Do you hear it? Grandfather asks and I can play I can just play I know where to begin Say what you want I know my age Grandma says Give him your guitar if you want to but it ain’t to be confused with castration it’s a struggle for survival and even if someone were to prove to me that the truth lay outside Christ I should choose to remain with Christ rather than with the truth You think that all you are is your seed? A weaker sound is masked if it is made inaudible in the presence of a louder sound The first recorded vasectomy was performed on a dog an act of minor heroism Grandfather says and he holds it out to me in perfect balance between his hands I take it shy to the point of an imbecile It is not heavy I like how it feels like a fishing pole the line taut with a fish Yes root mean square Grandfather says Pressure by virtue of its logical form alone