And you see Dulcinea. She is in winter but you see her in summer. How the sun makes patterns in both but in summer it is green. See her as walking along a well-worn path and you behind she aware you’re behind and she maybe talking to you or the trees the dust on the leaves

you see you got see the way Solomon thank because most of us if you’re honest and not noble about the preservation of the species know it’s about pleasure and pain maybe even you done the math on it how much pleasure if it leads to so much pain Solomon didn’t have that he wanted no pleasure because he was afraid of pain so maybe that was one of his wishes when he opened that Cracker Jack box and found his magic ring and see that in summer see it in East Texas near the town of Hemphill not in winter but in summer see him not in the snow (what little white dust East Texas gathers) near the dark ash remains of a tree a tree where there was once a house how he goes there how he knows not why but I know because the pain was there and so see it in summer the slant of sun to your wish see it in delayed telepathy where you are now and what you see what you dream and even then it was about fishing like his great grandfather Horace (Duke) Threnody Solomon loved to fish and there too when he goes to the shore of the Sabine and watches the light on the water he knows not why but because pleasure is there and I guess he was waiting on a fish and so see that see him in summer and not in some adytum not leaning seated with his knees up against the remains of a burned tree all around him white dust making a wish for what he knows not he sells see me there in winter and in summer see yourself there see yourself in me see yourself black