well here’s a scant outline of the chronology in The Psalmist. it doesn’t really cover Bethany’s family and background and how that ties in but merely focuses on the highlights of David’s life. i plan to place it at the end of the book…


1863: David’s paternal great-grandfather given the surname Threnody for his songs at slave funerals

1876: Demetrius Threnody, David’s paternal grandfather, moves his family to East St. Louis from rural Northern Mississippi

1883: Horace (Duke) Threnody, David’s father, born

1890: Cleota Williams, David’s mother, born in Southern Illinois (mother’s family moved from New Orleans)

1905: Horace and Cleota wed; they have seven sons

1918: David Threnody born in East St. Louis

1923: Bethany Lebeau born in Hemphill, Texas

1927: The Mississippi floods; David receives his first guitar

1933: Gerald, David’s eldest brother, flees to France

1937: David meets Rosie Soledad at a crossroads in Mississippi

1938: David plays guitar for money the first time at a Soulard Mardi Gras

1941: David joins the Army; meets Johnny Tribout; involved in a murderous love triangle with Anton Popovitch

1944: David defeats the Goliath in the Battle of Bastogne; Bethany Lebeau marries Pete Southhouse

1945: David records his first album in New Orleans; meets Bethany; they begin an affair

1946: Pete Southhouse/Popovitch killed in drug deal gone bad; David marries Bethany

1948: Richard and Benjamin Threnody born; Richard dies at childbirth; David and Bethany divorce; Dulcinea Threnody born

1951: David records his second album in Austin, Texas

1955: Duke Threnody dies; David records his third album

1960: David records his fourth album

1965: Both David and Benjy begin an affair with Maddie

1966: Dulcinea is raped by her cousin Aaron; Benjy kills Aaron and attempts to kill Maddie–killed trying escape; Maddie dies saving David; Solomon is born to Dulcinea

1967: David returns to the crossroads in Mississippi; David and Bethany reconcile; David records his fifth album

1969: Dulcinea weds; Solomon (retarded) is raised by David and Bethany

1975: Dulcinea gives birth to Abe; the biographer is born

1981: Solomon despite his handicaps plays a guitar given to him by David for the first time on stage

1987: Cleota dies; Bethany dies; David interviews on KDHX St. Louis Community Radio

1988: David Threnody dies; Marcus (grandson to Bethany’s niece) born

2003: Gabby (Bethany’s niece) recounts the story of Benjy, Dulcinea and Aaron to Marcus

2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans; Marcus involved in a drug deal gone bad

2007: Marcus hangs himself in the Alton Memorial psych ward

2008: The biographer hears the first recordings of David Threnody on KDHX at a crossroads in the American Bottom; begins research in writing a fiction of David’s life

2013: The biography of David Threnody is finished