So what is the focus.  The pride that doesn’t cringe.  It’s still not love David did not find it there at that crossroads in Mississippi he didn’t find it when he was nineteen and he didn’t find it thirty years later but maybe it was in that other place, in Maddie’s room, it was there April 2nd, 1966 the day after Benjy died and so let it be told told how David would tell it more than twenty years later just a year before his own death in that radio interview on what used to be KDNA the station David and other musicians heard when Gas Light Square was alive and well in the city of St. Louis and David played with a band there how his movement forms a triangle from Austin to New Orleans to St. Louis (with visits to Hemphill, Texas) this after he and Bethany reunited and they lived together again after David came back from Mississippi in 1967 they never remarried but they lived together after the children (their children) were out of the house after Benjy’s death and Dulcinea finding a man and her wedding and they raised Solomon like a husband and wife but that’s not the focus right now that to come later after Bethany’s illness is discussed her true conversion to Christ the sincerity there when you see that edge as you walk in darkness but somehow you still see a long way it’s only the next step a blind mystery how hope becomes a fact and maybe why she took David back this after almost twenty years since they divorced and if that is love if the love was there if it was always there and why and what happened at that crossroads David returned to what deal was made with a guitar and a can of gasoline was it his ears or was it as simple as the small success David garnered as a musician as a Blues guitar player and the story of that the last twenty years of David’s life what comes later what comes last in the final part of this story of David’s life his Elysium as it were where I and many others believe he is where all our heroes remain after death to live a blessed and happy life indulging in that employment they enjoyed in life and we you us making them live as thus before the money before the fame and not even that but merely the acknowledgment of the ante that long-standing bet David made with the Devil so long ago in his youth and how you don’t sell anything when you’re looking for love even if in the wrong places the hand on your life which David could call nothing else but God and that giving up the ghost what some would call the laughing woman how when a woman laughs in her sex it makes what’s personal impersonal the post-humanity of a man’s soul and so hear it as I once heard it—David’s voice—his voice on the radio KDHX community radio and finally the story he had to tell the story of how Maddie died: