Benjy feels weird in his waders.  He’s pushing the boat.  The water is about waist high.  It’s a sunny day but chilly in the wind and shade.  In the reeves and rushes where some of the crawfish baskets jut out of the water in rusted metal.  It’s one of those days in the south where frost might be on your windshield of a morning, but then the sun comes out and warms the land.  Not the water though.  Benjy can’t see below his waders.  The mud from the movement of his boots has made the water murky.  His father sits in the boat.  Dulcinea is emptying the traps.  David is replenishing them with fish bait.  Dulcinea is showing but somehow in that light and with what she’s wearing and how she sits in the boat Benjy doesn’t seem to notice.  Most of his focus in his push.


I say we could get a hundred pounds…  Your momma’s cousin will be happy with that.  Given us a place to stay for a few months.


Daddy you said momma had help…


(talks low to Dulcinea then turns back to Benjy)

We don’t need to talk about it here—tonight.  I’ll talk to ya about it tonight…  You got the fun job.  Don’t have to mess with this here bait… It’s a shame how this used to be land.  But put a little water in in it and it makes for a mighty nice crawfish pond—used to be a rice field…


I’m glad you think your giving me something to do with my time.


Time’s a weakness.  A weakness to all of us.  But you gotta to learn to love that in others.  Just like they learn to love it in you.  I don’t want none of you all to feel guilty.  Not why your momma and I split up.  Why we’re here now.  You gotta to love it like this here crawfish’s gonna taste.  Ain’t no justice sometimes.  All that peelin’ but just a bit a meat…  Don’t feel guilty—none of ya’ll should feel that—you’ll just learn when you are.  You gotta to be at peace with that that who you are, like this here pond as we go from basket to basket.  Lovin’ another’s weakness is your own strength.  The sooner you learn that the sooner you’ll like how these crawfish taste.