So maybe in a way I did understand as I looked at an old woman almost seeing her in the flower of her youth just as I look at young girls now lusting at those curves in the way that they walk and talk and almost hearing it in her voice with its nasal sing-song quality that makes me think of first words and me being young before I was young and am young now as her eyes almost tell me talking of how young men used to look at her then maybe even as she nibbled on a piece of fruit a strawberry perhaps her lips puckered not around some cigarette with paper wrinkles underneath and that shade to her eyes a woman gives talking to you without words but in the flutter of eyelashes as if saying, “Come to me come talk to me and I’ll make it worth your while because you see you’ll be able to taste of what I taste of…”—that I could understand and almost see and hear because even I know what a first kiss feels like.  For in being young before I was young and am young now I know what it’s like even in that reckoning of but a few years with the experiences of such the magic the wonder of discovering for the first time something some sound some light the spark of a soft touch that touch which where when you feel it makes you think you are wise to the whole world by your admittance to these first things that you’re wise to nothing and you want to go about and ask of others, “Have you seen heard felt these things too?” and see that’s the joy of youth being youth and what we call being corrupted by it because of the insufferable need to share it share the perception of your world before with age and time and many shares such as this you are corrupted made corruptible in the joy being gone and the lack of no surprise in the answer to seeing hearing feeling those things these first things that are like a treasure stripped of their golden glow their importance the value of them depreciated every time you ask of it ask of others their knowledge of this wisdom which in essence nobody really espouses through the wear of use and soon you even stop you stop asking that question, “O’ where is a wise man so that I might emulate his habits.  Where is the woman that I might taste of her fruits…”