David had a list he made.  It was recovered written on military stationary.  From his time as a prison guard on the base in Biloxi.  From reading it you’re not really sure who it was written for.  Ostentatiously, it was written for himself.  Something he wanted to remember.  Something he wanted to remind himself of.  But it’s written almost as if someone was looking over his shoulder.  No one in particular.  He could have been thinking about Rosie, or Nina and Johnny, even Popovitch.  It could’ve been written for them to read, but that’s not really the sense of it you get.  It was like one of his songs—they too not written to anyone in particular.  They’re not written that way, but when you listen it could be you—it could be you he’s talking to.  And maybe there’s a formula to it—this kind of writing—vague yet engaging.  It’s like you take something particular, a detailed experience that gives you an insight, and then you strip it of the details, leaving only the essence of the insight—what that particular experience, and the passing thoughts from it—make you feel.  This taken from that moment and written in a way it could be placed in any moment…  It was common, really.  Finding something in common.  Like those simple skits on Sesame Street where you find which one is not like the other.  It’s seeing what roles we play as universal.  How men who don’t speak the same language can still get together and talk about the work they do—what they do for a living.  They can talk about sports.  Hunting and fishing.  How women from all nationalities, from different cultures, can still get together and talk about their hair, and ways to make it pretty…  I guess it was a list like that.  Something you put on your bathroom mirror.  So when you get up in the morning you see it while you’re brushing your teeth.

1.      Always leave yourself enough time for things you have to do.  Don’t crowd your days, and enjoy the allotment of it.

2.      Appreciate cloudy days.  There is beauty in them.

3.      Don’t be afraid to die.  It’s a part of life—face each phase of it without fear.

4.      Things are given and things are taken away.  But it’s people that you’ll miss…