That sure was one hell of a wreck, wasn’t it?


          Yeah…  I should have drove…  Girls tend to get

          too excited when they’re driving a get-away car.


          They would have caught us anyway.  Where could

          we go?


          You didn’t know who she was.  Would you have

          gotten in that car if you did?


          I don’t think I really had a choice…  Seems

          like I’d already made it.  A long time ago.

          Though it doesn’t seem that long ago…  Maybe I

          had the premonition when you came up on stage…

          About something I did before.


Well, I feel like a fool saying it, but I

knew too.  I knew we weren’t going to die.

Like I’ve always known…  Sometimes I wonder

though.  I wonder about it—‘bout people

who die violently—no fore-warning—just quick,

and sudden.  I wonder if they know they’ve died…


          It’s probably better not to let your mind

          dwell on that—know what I mean?


          Yeah…  you’re probably right…  So do really want

          to know?


          Know what?


          The girl… about the girl.


Johnny is doing push-ups.  You see him look up to see legs. Legs standing in front of him.  A girl in a red dress, Nina.  And she’s toying with a sucker in her mouth.


Weird things happen all the time.  We’ve all

been witnesses to it. What’s funny is how

different it is—for the witness and what’s

going on in the head to who it’s happening to,

what they feel in the situation being witnessed… 

I’ve seen some pretty strange things, but it’s

strange how it doesn’t seem like much when it’s

not happening to me, in how I share it with others,

how I can be nonchalant about it, but when it’s happening

to me it seems like so much more, the

cause of psychic wounds hard to heal, hard to forget…

I guess sometimes we all go to the zoo, and it’s just

not the same—it looks different from inside the cage when

you’re the one looking out of it and not the one

looking in…


Nina is driving fast.  Her face is serious, and it makes her features more beautiful.  She has long, dark hair, and pale skin.  Full, red lips.  And a sharp nose.  Her eyes are green, light green, and they sparkle in natural light.  She has the body of an eighteen year old even though she is twenty-four.  A grad student at Ole Miss.  Spending the summer with her father on the base in Biloxi.  Bored.  An expression seen easily in her eyes most of the time, which makes her beauty even more appealing, because you want to win its attention.  Her attention.  And right now the dark road has it.  She’s gripping the large steering wheel tight.  It’s a road along the beach, along the Gulf coast.  The moon over the water reflecting in her window.  The only illumination inside the car. 

Why she swerves out of the way of the squirrel in the road seen in her headlights can be seen as an absurdity.  An impractical response from the anxiety of making their quick escape from the roadhouse.  But the truth is she can’t kill anything.  From the look on her face she knows what’s she doing.  But she’s driving too fast.  And maybe there was a nail on the shoulder of the road.  Whatever the case, she has a blow out.  The tire on the front passenger side.  She loses control. 


Nina’s car swerves off the road.  Towards the sand dunes on the left side of the road.  The squirrel safe.  It scrambles safely across the highway.  The car jumps the embankment and overturns in the sand, coming to a stop inverted.  The sound of wreckage and broken glass.  The wheels still spinning.

The rotating lights seen from a distance get closer.  The spinning red lights of the MP jeep.  They were apparently only a moment behind on the road following them, following Nina’s car.  You see the jeep pull up slowly to the wreck.  White flashlights appear shining through the darkness, harsh compared to the soft illumination of the moonlight over the water.  They move over the scene, shining on Nina’s overturned car.