Sorry about your guitar…



          Ah… that’s alright…  I stole it anyway.  The

          last time I was here.  The last time I was in

         Mississippi…  So you gonna tell me about it?






          You know what… the girl.



 The music’s stopped.  The two MP’s standing in front of the stage.  They don’t notice Nina slipping up behind them with the beer bottle she hasn’t drank.  She breaks it over one of their heads.  This distraction all David needs, pushing Johnny toward the rear door near the stage.  But David rushes back to grab Nina’s hand, pulling her along to follow David.  The MP she injured on the ground and the other MP bent over him.



 The back door opens and David, Johnny, and Nina rush out.  Nina taking the lead, showing them to her car.  David pauses.  He pauses when he sees her car—a look of recognition passing over face.  It’s an old Ford, and he looks at like he knows it, like he’s ridden in it before.  He looks down at his guitar, because he took it with him when he quickly exited the stage, pulling the plug—a Gibson electric ES-150.  He walks back to the door and jams the arm into the door handle.



          And I knew it wouldn’t hold them, but I did it

          anyway—after seeing that car—what it reminded

          me of.  Like it had already happened.  Because

          it happened before…  No, I didn’t need that

          guitar no more.  I knew it before I did it, and

          somehow I knew I knew I would know—ya know?  That

          feeling you get sometimes about how time really

          works.  Your whole life already happened… making

          it happen… so it can happen.  Like your death is

          in your birth, and your birth is in your death.

          That line we perceive in between somehow

          curving in on itself—parallels meeting somehow

          because they begin and end the same—in something

          lasting forever…  It was like I was seeing myself

          in a mirror, but it was someone else being me, and

          yet I still knew it was me, it being already a

          memory, a  memory of something going to happen…


Johnny stops before getting in the passenger seat and looks back to where David stands looking at his guitar jammed in the door.  Nina is already starting the car.



          Come on!  Get in!




          That sure was one hell of a wreck, wasn’t it?



          Yeah…  I should have drove…  Girls tend to get

          too excited when they’re driving a get-away car.



          They would have caught us anyway.  Where could

          we go?



          You didn’t know who she was.  Would you have

          gotten in that car if you did?


          I don’t think I really had a choice…  Seems

          like I’d already made it.  A long time ago.

          Though it doesn’t seem that long ago…  Maybe I

          had the premonition when you came on stage…

          About something I did before.



          Well, I feel like a fool saying it, but I

          knew too.  Like I’ve always known…  Sometimes

          I wonder about it—‘bout people who die

          violently—no fore-warning—just quick, and sudden.

          I wonder if they know they’ve died…



          It’s probably better not to let your mind

          dwell on that—know what I mean?



          Yeah…  you’re probably right…  So do really want

          to know?



          Know what?



          The girl… about the girl.



 Johnny is doing push-ups.  You see him look up to see legs. Legs standing in front of him.  A girl in a red dress, Nina.  And she’s toying with a sucker in her mouth…